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CHANNELLOCK 255mm Fence Tool


Barcode: 025582400116

The Channellock 10-inch Fence Tool combines 6 features in 1 reliable tool for fencing installation, repair, and maintenance. Channellock uses laser heat-treating technology to harden two wire shears so you can cut High Tensile wire with ease and confidence. Other features of the Channellock Fencing Plier include a Hammer and Starter for staple install as well as a Claw plus Puller for staple removal and wire stretching. Also included, a precision-machined Crimping nest and Wire Splicer. The Channellock model 85 Fence Tool is 100% Made in USA and Forged from High-Carbon U.S. Steel.


  • Laser heat-treated Cutting Shears last longer and easily cut through High Tensile wire.
  • Rugged Hammer and Starter for staple install.
  • Hand-Polished Staple Claw plus Puller for removing staples and stretching wire.
  • Precision-machined Crimping Nest and Wire Splicer.
  • Forged high carbon U.S. steel for maximum strength and durability is specially coated for ultimate rust prevention.


  • Overall Length: 263.65mm
  • Jaw Length: 19.05mm
  • Joint Thickness: 13.46mm
  • Joint Width: 74.93mm
  • Handle Span: 53.09mm
  • Weight: 662.24g