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Terms and Conditions

Freight Policy

ToolWare Sales Limited, offers a free into store (F.I.S) service, for orders over $350 excluding GST via a ToolWare nominated carrier going business to business (B2B). Any orders specifically asked to send via an urgent/overnight service or via direct ship to your customer (B2C) will be couriered at customers expense and excludes F.I.S order value.

NZC CHARGES (excluding GST)

Satchel   July 2023
E11 Per Parcel $8.00
E20 Per Parcel $8.50
E40 Per Parcel $13.00
E50 Per Parcel $16.00
E60 Per Parcel $23.50
PP Per Parcel $27.00
Ticket - Auckland Local Area     
Up to 20kg Max. Per Parcel $10.50
Ticket - Short Haul - Whangarei-Hamilton    
Up to 15kg Per Parcel $15.00
15.01 - 20kg Max. Per Parcel $26.00
Ticket - North Island    
Up to 5kg Per Parcel $18.50
5.01 - 10kg Per Parcel $35.00
10.01kg - 15kg Per Parcel $47.00
15.01 - 20kg Max. Per Parcel $63.00
Ticket - South Island    
Up to 5kg Per Parcel $32.00
5.01 - 10kg Per Parcel $63.50
10.01 - 15kg Per Parcel $95.00
15.01 - 20kg Max. Per Parcel $125.00
Additional Charges on top of above    
Saturday Delivery Per Parcel $8.00
Rural Delivery Per Parcel $11.50
Residential Delivery Per Parcel $2.50
Waiheke Delivery Per Parcel $28.50
Great Barrier Delivery Per Parcel $41.08
Stewart Island Delivery Per Parcel $9.68
*Chatham Island Delivery Per 3kg Parcel $35.50 (*will incur $4.28 per kg thereafter)

NB: Pricing is subject to change without prior notification

Damage, Defects and Lost in Transit

Any complaints of damage must be made to the Company within seven (7) working days of delivery to the applicant. If damaged goods have been signed for, the Company is unable to claim.

Any complaints of short delivery, loss in transit or defects must be made to the Company within ten (10) working days of delivery to the applicant.

The Company shall have the right in its discretion to repair or replace the goods in respect of which any complaints as aforesaid is made and proven, or to refund or credit the portion of the purchase price applicable thereto, thereby fully discharging all legal liabilities by the Company which will use its best endeavors to enforce any guarantee or warranty given by the manufacturer of the goods supplied and sold by the Company. 

Authority to Leave (A.T.L)

ToolWare Sales Limited has an agreement with the Freightways group that no consignment should be left unless a signature has been obtained. 

If you have setup a Drop Zone Authorization (A.T.L), you have given authorization to leave consignments without obtaining a signature at the address. While this will ensure your consignment is delivered to you if you are not available during the time of delivery; and supersedes signature required deliveries requested by the sender, this also means it indemnifies ToolWare Sales Limited.

Return of Goods

Goods must be returned freight paid within fourteen (14) days of receipt, in good order and condition for resale. No goods will be accepted for return without prior request of a Return Authorization number and agreement by the Company.  A service charge to defray administration and handling costs equal to 15% of the price of the goods returned may apply unless expressly waived by the Company

Condition of Sale

Any goods supplied by the Company to the applicant shall pass when such goods are delivered to the applicant or into custody on the applicant's behalf but ownership in such goods is retained by the Company until payment is made for the goods and for all other goods supplied by the Company to the applicant. If such goods are sold by the applicant prior to payment therefore or if they shall become constituents of the goods, then the proceeds of the sale thereof shall be the property of the Company. The applicant hereby irrevocably grants to the Company authority without the necessity of giving any notice to enter on and into any premises occupied by the applicant to search for and remove any of the goods supplied in which the Company has ownership as aforesaid without in any way being liable to the applicant or any person or organisation claiming through the applicant. Goods remain the property of ToolWare Sales Limited until all purchased goods have been paid. Goods are forwarded uninsured at purchasers risk.


Goods and/or services supplied are to be paid for by the twentieth day of the month following the date of the invoice, unless within the terms of a separate credit arrangement.
If payment is not made by the agreed date, as outlined above, then:

  • Delivery of further goods and/or services may be withheld.
  • Interest at a rate of 2% per month may be charged on the overdue balance.
  • All costs of collection, including the interest charges stated in (b) above and reasonable legal fees will be added to the account.