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DRAPER 7pc HI-TORQ® Metric Ratcheting Combination Spanner Set


Barcode: 5010559253975

The Draper HI-TORQ® Metric Ratcheting Combination Spanner Set exemplifies precision and efficiency in mechanical work. Crafted with expertise, the open end is intelligently set at a 15° angle, demanding merely a 5° movement to turn fasteners, a boon in confined spaces. The 90-tooth ratchet mechanism ensures seamless operation, while the chrome vanadium steel construction, forged with precision and hardened, guarantees durability. Fully polished and mirror chrome plated, these spanners exude a professional finish. The 12-point HI-TORQ® ring end ensures optimal leverage, enhancing the user's grip and control. This set, comprising seven spanners ranging from 8 to 19mm, is a testament to Draper's commitment to quality and functionality.


  • A 90-tooth ratchet mechanism
  • The 5° movement enables use in tight spaces
  • Forged from chrome vanadium steel that is hardened, tempered, fully polished and mirror chrome plated
  • Optimal leverage through 12-point HI-TORQ® ring end
  • Open end set at 15°

Spanner Sizes:

  • 8mm x 140mm
  • 10mm x 155mm
  • 12mm x 165mm
  • 13mm x 175mm
  • 14mm x 190mm
  • 17mm x 225mm
  • 19mm x 245mm