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EKLIND Torx T-Key (150mm x TX30)

SKU: EK686-TX30

Barcode: 037516686305

High Quality, Industrial Grade, Professional Tools. Made with Eklind Alloy Steel. Heat Treated for optimum strength and ductility. Finished with Eklind Black Finish to resist rust. Torx® Keys will drive Torx, Torx Plus, and star recess fasteners, and meet all applicable standards set forth by Acument Intellectual Properties, LLC. Eklind T-Handle Hex Keys provide extra reach and extra leverage. Eklind Power-T™ T-Handle Hex Keys have a soft, textured over mold for extra comfort, slip resistance, and safety.


  • Tip Size: T30
  • Handle Width (HW): 102mm
  • Shaft Length (SL): 152mm