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FOOTPRINT Mortice and Marking Gauge

SKU: FP1876

Barcode: 5013579160100

The Footprint Mortice and Marking Gauge is a versatile tool that combines the functionality of both a marking gauge and a mortice gauge. On one side, it features a pin that is used to mark a parallel line to an edge, while on the other side, there is an adjustable double pin that is used to mark out a mortice and tenon joint. The pins are made from hardened steel, which provides a long working life and makes the gauge suitable for use on various types of wood. The solid brass slide adjuster for the mortice marking pins ensures precision control over the markings. The head and stem of the gauge are made from hard-wearing beechwood, adding to the tool's durability. The Footprint Mortice and Marking Gauge also features an easy twist plastic screw adjuster, which allows for quick and effortless adjustments. Overall, this tool is an excellent investment for woodworkers looking to streamline their tool collection and improve their accuracy in marking out joints. Made in Sheffield, Britain.


  • A combined marking gauge and mortice gauge.
  • It has a pin on one side to mark parallel lines and adjustable double pins on the other side for marking out mortice and tenon joints.
  • Hardened steel pins for a long working life.
  • Solid brass slide adjuster for the mortice marking pins.
  • Head and stem is made from hard wearing beechwood.
  • Easy twist plastic screw adjuster.


  • Length: 190mm
  • Width: 80mm
  • Depth: 56mm
  • Material: Beechwood
  • Weight: 128g