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FAITHFULL 12oz Hickory Joiners Hammer


Barcode: 5023969202938

Faithfull Joiners Hammers are the epitome of craftsmanship and reliability in the world of carpentry tools. These universal carpenters hammers are meticulously designed with precision-ground and hardened pein and head, ensuring exceptional durability and accuracy in every strike. Their well-balanced construction offers carpenters maximum versatility for various fixing tasks. What sets Faithfull Joiners Hammers apart is their commitment to quality and safety, as each hammer undergoes rigorous individual testing for weight tolerance, steel composition, crack resistance, hardness measurement, manufacturing techniques, heat treatment, and overall dimensions. With a seasoned hickory handle for added comfort and grip, these hammers are the trusted companion of skilled craftsmen, making each swing a testament to their unwavering faith in their tools.


  • Faithfull Joiners Hammers are versatile carpentry tools.
  • They are precision-ground and hardened for durability.
  • Well-balanced for efficient carpentry work.
  • Thoroughly tested for quality and accuracy.
  • Equipped with a seasoned hickory handle for a comfortable grip.


  • Head Weight: 12oz (340g)
  • Overall Weight: 471g
  • Overall Length: 303mm
  • Head Length: 120mm
  • Head Depth: 30mm
  • Handle Dimensions: 270 x 30 x 23mm