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BENZ WERKZ SDS Plus Masonry Bit (18mm x 200mm)

SKU: BZSDSP-180200

Barcode: 9630274927164

SDS Z4 Plus Masonry Bits

For drilling in granite, concrete, rock, stone, marble, and tile. The new, fast, and tough carbide tip provides long life, easy centering, and fast drilling. Even steel reinforcement cannot stop it. The dynamic, chisel-shaped drill head ensures swift penetration and feeds the drillings simultaneously to the flute section. The 4-fluted, spacious spiral removes the drilled material rapidly from the borehole. This saves both time and money. The unique flute design reduces vibrations and transfers the energy directly to the bit tip. For easier drilling with reduced strain on both machine and the user.


  • Tough carbide tip.
  • Chisel-shaped drill head ensures swift penetration.
  • More effortless drilling reduced strain on the user.


  • Diameter: 18mm
  • Length: 200mm