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GILBOW 300mm General Purpose Straight Tin Snips

SKU: G245-300

Barcode: 0734442188285

The Irwin Gilbow General Purpose Tin Snips are renowned for their superior cutting capability that surpasses the strength of the user. These snips have a long history, with the original tin snips designed in 1924, and they continue to dominate the sheet metal cutting industry to the extent that the term "Gilbows" is commonly used to refer to all snips and shears. One of the standout features of these snips is the unique non-slip joint that has been set and tested to ensure a perfect cut. It should only be readjusted after sharpening. The double, hollow ground blade helps reduce friction, making cutting easier. The handles and blades are drop-forged from carbon tool steel for durability, and the snips also come with a safety stop to prevent trapped fingers.


  • Tin snips are commonly referred to as 'Gilbows' since 1924.
  • Unique non-slip joint.
  • Double, hollow ground blade reduces friction for easier cutting.
  • Drop-forged carbon steel handles and blades.
  • Safety stop prevents trapped fingers.


  • Overall Length: 303mm (12")
  • Cutting Edge: 80mm
  • Handle Length: 185mm
  • Blade Pattern: Straight
  • Weight: 639g