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Barcode: 5013579220026

When it comes to line pins, Footprint is a name that stands out among builders. These line pins, also known as “pair of footies,” are essential tools for builders to ensure that their walls are straight and true. One of the reasons for Footprint’s popularity is their commitment to quality. They use a single piece of drop-forged carbon steel to create the line pins, which are then chrome-plated to prevent rust and premature wear and tear. Additionally, the hardened blades prevent bending and snapping, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable tool. Footprint line pins come in one size, 160mm (6 1/4”), and are proudly made in Sheffield, Britain. Despite attempts by others to copy their design, Footprint remains the go-to choice for builders looking for high-quality line pins.


  • Used for placing a line along a wall to build straight and true.
  • Made from a single piece of drop forged carbon steel.
  • Chrome plated to prevent rust and premature wear and tear.
  • Hardened blades to prevent bending and snapping.
  • Proudly made in Sheffield, Britain.


  • Head Diameter: 25mm (1”)
  • Overall Length: 155mm
  • Blade Length: 70mm
  • Blade Width: 17mm
  • Blade Depth: 4mm
  • Quantity: 2 pack
  • Weight: 135g