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PONY JORGENSEN Pipe Clamp Fixture for 3/4" Pipes


Barcode: 044295050005

The iconic Pony 3?4?inch pipe clamp has become America’s most popular and widely used pipe clamp fixture design. Its original steel multiple-disc-clutch configuration guarantees a steadfast grip and immediate adjustment at any position along the pipe, eliminating concerns of slippage or pipe damage. This versatile fixture accommodates any length of 3/4" - 14 NPT pipe, provided that the pipe exceeds the workpiece by at least seven inches. Meticulously crafted from robust and enduring iron casting, it ensures longevity and durability. With a clamping face measuring 1 3/4 inches, this fixture empowers craftsmen with steadfast and efficient workholding capabilities.


  • Works with 3/4 inch black or galvanized threaded pipe.
  • Pipe is not included.
  • Coil spring stop prevents tail piece from sliding off.
  • Made of durable cast iron.
  • Multi?disc clutch design allows a secure hold and instant adjustment.
  • Works with any length pipe, as long as it is 7" longer than workpiece.


  • Pipe Used: 3?4" - 14 NPT Pipe
  • Handle: Crank
  • Clamping Face: 1 3/4" square
  • Max. Outer Diameter: 1.05" (26.67mm)
  • Weight: 830g