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PONY JORGENSEN 50mm Classic Hobby C-Clamp


Barcode: 044295262033

These Pony Hobby C-Clamps boast a remarkable combination of quality and functionality. With their meticulously crafted, acme-threaded steel screws, zinc plated and coated with a black finish, they ensure enduring durability. The clamp casting is meticulously engineered from ductile iron, renowned for its strength, and then topped with a resilient powder-coated Pony-orange finish. Offering a diverse array of sizes and clamping forces, each clamp is equipped with a full-closing screw mechanism. Embrace the reliability and versatility of our comprehensive line of light-duty C-clamps.


  • Durable steel screws with zinc plating and black finish.
  • Engineered with strong ductile iron and powder-coated Pony-orange finish.
  • Full-closing screw mechanism.
  • Clamping force of up to 181kg (400lbs).


  • Type: Hobby
  • Max Opening: 50mm (2”)
  • Reach: 25mm (1”)
  • Clamping Force: 181kg (400lb)
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 55mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 200g