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PONY JORGENSEN 5m Classic Band Clamp

SKU: AJP1215

Barcode: 044295121507

Introducing our versatile Pony rapid-acting band clamp, ideal for a wide range of medium-duty projects, regardless of their shape. Whether your project is round, rectangular, or irregularly shaped, this clamp has got you covered. Thanks to the acme-threaded screw and aluminum levers, you can effortlessly tighten and release your workpiece. The plastic jaws provide a secure grip on corners, guaranteeing a perfect fit without any damage to your precious materials. With its ergonomic grip, this clamp feels comfortable and secure in your hands, ensuring optimal control throughout your project.


  • Versatile: fits any project shape.
  • Easy to use: quick tightening and release with acme-threaded screw and aluminum levers.
  • Plastic jaws secure without marring your workpiece.
  • Comfortable grip: ergonomic design fits your hands well.
  • High-quality construction for reliable performance.


  • Strap Width: 25.4mm (1”)
  • Strap Length: 4.57m (15ft)
  • Material: Nylon
  • Teeth: 12
  • Brackets: 4 Corner Brackets
  • Band Limit: 1000lb
  • Weight: 275g