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FOOTPRINT 100mm Guarded Brick Bolsters

SKU: FP1237-100

Barcode: 5013579110129

Footprint Brick Bolsters are a trusted tool used by professional tradesmen worldwide for cutting brick. The manufacturing process involves 14 meticulous steps to transform high-quality carbon steel into a Footprint standard Brick Bolster. The bolster is drop hammer forged from head to blade, resulting in superior strength. The blade is hardened and tempered to ensure a long cutting life. The domed head is designed to delay the onset of mushrooming and splintering that may occur after repeated use, and it also prevents the hand guard from sliding up and off the handle after repeated blows. The tapered neck is engineered to prevent snapping at the weakest point on the bolster. Additionally, the high-quality EVA plastic hand guard protects the hand from glanced blows. Proudly made in Sheffield, Britain, Footprint Brick Bolsters are a high-quality tool that delivers superior performance and durability.


  • Used for cutting brick.
  • Tapered neck to prevent snapping at the weakest point on the Bolster.
  • Drop hammer forging from head to blade results in superior strength.
  • Hardened and tempered blade ensures a long cutting life.
  • Domed head delays mushrooming/splintering and prevents hand guard slippage.
  • High quality EVA plastic hand guard to protect the hand from glanced blows.
  • Made in Sheffield, Britain.


  • Blade Width: 100mm (4”)
  • Blade Thickness: 8mm
  • Length: 235mm (9.25”)
  • Chisel Colour: Blue
  • Guard Colour: Red
  • Weight: 974g