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BOA GRABIT® Screw & Bolt Remover Set

SKU: BOA17001

Barcode: 652628468023

The BOA Grabit is an ingenious range of screw and bolt extractors. They will relieve you from the difficulties faced by rusted and damaged screws and bolts. They will remove broken, damaged, or embedded screws and bolts from metal, wood, ceramic, in fact, just about any type of material. Made of high-quality hardened steel, this Boa screw and bolt extractor 2-piece set fits all standard variable speed drills and will cleanly and effortlessly remove a variety of screws, bolts, and fasteners. This set of screw extractors includes sizes #2 and #3. One end of the bit is for drilling a pilot hole and the other end has a reverse thread for extracting the broken component. 13 million sets sold worldwide - The Boa Grabit is the world’s No 1 extractor product.


  • Removes cleanly from metal, wood or plastic.
  • Made from hardened steel.
  • Great for home & trade usage.
  • Fits any variable speed drill.
  • Easy to use.
  • Quick, simple & efficient.


  • Sizes: #2 and #3
  • Quantity: 2 pack
  • Material: Hardened Steel
  • Weight: 85g

Extractor Specifications: (#2 | #3)

  • Wood Screw Size: 8-10 | 11-14
  • Screw Shank Diameter: 4.2 - 4.8mm | 5.2 - 6.1mm
  • Bolt Size: 1/4” | 5/16”
  • Bolt Shank Diameter: 6mm (1/4”) | 8mm (5/16”)