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ECONOCUT Handyman Router Bit Kit - 12pc


Barcode: 9314657078024

The Econocut 12pc Handyman Router Bit Set is a must-have for any handyman or DIY enthusiast. With a set of 12 of the most popular router bits, this affordable yet high-quality kit offers exceptional value. The sturdy timber wooden box provides excellent storage, keeping the bits organized and easily accessible. The rotating bit holder further enhances convenience during use. Featuring an anti-kickback design, these bits prioritize safety. Moreover, all the bits have a 1/4" shank, which is the most popular size for the DIY user. The two flute design ensures a smoother cutting action, making it an ideal choice for precision woodworking projects.


  • Set of 12 of the most popular Router Bits.
  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped.
  • Wooden box with excellent storage facility.
  • The bit holder rotates for easy access.
  • Ideal for the handyman or DIY user.
  • Anti Kickback Design.
  • All bits have a 1/4" shank - most popular for the DIY user.
  • Two flute - provides a smoother cutting action.


  • 1 x Straight Bit (6mm x 16mm)
  • 1 x Straight Bit (12mm x 20mm)
  • 1 x Straight Bit (16mm x 20mm)
  • 1 x Core Box Bit (1/2" x R1/4")
  • 1 x 14° Dovetail Bit (1/2" x 15/32")
  • 1 x 90° V-Groove Bit (1/2" x 1/2")
  • 1 x Flush Trim Bit with Bearing (1/2" x 1/2")
  • 1 x Rounding Over Bit with Bearing (7/8" x R1/4")
  • 1 x Rounding Over Bit with Bearing (1-1/8" x R3/8")
  • 1 x Cove bit with Bearing (7/8" x R1/4")
  • 1 x 45° Chamfering Bit with Bearing (1-1/4" x 19/32")
  • 1 x Roman Ogee Bit with Bearing (1" x R4mm)


  • Router Bit Shank: 1/4"
  • Box Length: 200mm
  • Box Width: 160mm
  • Box Depth: 45mm
  • Quantity: 12pc set
  • Weight: 689g

See the below downloads for Router Bit sizes and specifications.