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DOGYU 250mm S-Bar Nail Puller

SKU: DG250

Barcode: 4962819004388

The Dogyu S-Bar Nail Puller is an excellent and efficient tool for removing nails. It is made of drop-forged and tempered steel, which gives it the necessary strength to handle tough jobs. The nail puller is designed to allow users to pull nails using either the 90° angled claw end or the special durable slim claw end, which is particularly helpful when working in tight spaces. The rounded design on each end of the nail puller improves leverage and makes it easier to remove nails. Additionally, the solid flat surface on the back of the head can be used as a hammer to pound nails. This versatile tool is made in Japan and is built to last. This product is manufactured for the purpose of removing nails, but cannot be used for heat-treated screws or concrete nails. Be sure to wear safety glasses. 


  • Drop-forged & tempered steel for strength.
  • Excellent & efficient tool for the removal of nails.
  • Two ends: 90° angled claw head and a slim claw head.
  • The special durable slim claw end is great for tight spaces.
  • Rounded head on nail puller improves leverage.
  • Solid surface on head may be used as a hammer.
  • Made in Japan.


  • Overall Length: 251mm
  • Angled Claw Length: 62mm
  • Angled Claw Width: 18mm
  • Slim Claw Width: 23mm
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 287g