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How it all began

In the late 1960's David Cartwright was Manager and part Owner of a small Automotive Supplies Wholesaler, one of many similar businesses that were common in those days. For those that were prepared to look there were signs appearing that the traditional methods of distribution that had been the norm in New Zealand since the previous century were about to change. There was no longer going to be a secure place for general distribution "Wholesalers" and what were known then as "Manufacturers Representatives".

David recognised the signs and saw there was an opportunity to specialise in particular products and provide a level of service to Retailers that did not exist at that time.

David, along with Keith Thompson and Frank Teat saw that there was an opportunity to offer the market a complete supply source for specialised products that they knew well - Quality hand tools and equipment.

And so, In February 1970 Toolware began operations in a tiny warehouse of 185 sq.metres and a staff of three. Although there have been many changes since that time Toolware has never wavered from the original goals, to be the best in the industry, supplying Tool Merchants in all trades throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific with quality hand tools and equipment.

Today the tradition continues.......

Toolware's mission continues to build on the sound principles adopted by the founders in 1970.

  • Service second to none
  • Quality Products
  • Fairness in all things