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Celebrating 50 Years

In 2019 Toolware celebrated 50 years in the business.

Toolware's mission is to build its business on the sound principles that have served it so well in the past. Above all, Toolware's Management Team believe that commitment is the most important quality that can be given to those people and the companies with whom they do business. Commitments to agreements, to fair business practices, to their Suppliers and to the back-up of the products they handle. Combined, these add up to the old fashioned virtues of honesty and trust. Balancing these with modern, flexible business systems, adopting an enquiring approach to market developments, and providing products the market demands.

Toolware is ideally positioned to face the future with confidence. Add enthusiasm to experience, commitment to conviction, providing new and innovative products to complement the known and trusted, then Toolware's success as the Company leading the way in the New Zealand market is assured.

To all our Business Partners we would like to say a big Thank You for your support over the last 50 years! We couldn’t do this without you and every one of you is necessary to ensure we run an efficient modern business.