ZN-X85 ZIRCON Water Detector

ZN-X85 ZIRCON Water Detector
Stock Code: ZN-X85


MultiScanner® x85 OneStep® multifunction scanner thermally detects water-filled hydronic radiant heating; scans for live AC and finds the centre of wood and metal studs. The x85 utilizes Zircon's patented ergonomic pivot pinch grip for comfortable scanning and features a large backlit LCD screen to indicate the centre of the target.


  • Thermally detect actively heated 25mm diameter water-filled Pex Tubing up to 50mm deep
  • Find the centre; edges and direction of wood and metal studs up to 50mm deep
  • Find live; unshielded electrical AC wiring up to 50mm deep
  • Low battery indicator for optimum performance
  • Arrow-shaped SpotLite® Pointer indicates detected target