JN40-6928 JOHNSON Auto Level

JN40-6928 JOHNSON Auto Level
Stock Code: JN40-6928


26X Automatic Level System

Product Details

  • Water and dust resistant for use in most weather conditions
  • Wire-hung; magnetically dampened compensator
  • Large easy-to-use focusing knob
  • 360 degrees horizontal circle
  • Prism for bubble viewing
  • Top-mounted optical sight for quick reference
  • Fine adjustment knobs on left and right sides with endless horizontal drive
  • 1:100 stadia for distance estimation
  • Focusable cross-hairs
  • 5/8 inch - 11 threads for standard tripods


The Johnson Level 40-6928 can be used for the following outdoor applications:

  • Site preparation
  • Establishing grades
  • Excavating
  • Landscaping-terracing and retaining walls
  • Rough and fine grading
  • Digging basements
  • Setting foundation and footers
  • Retention ponds and septic tanks
  • Controlling concrete pours
  • Alignment and plumb of concrete forms
  • Levelling deck floors
  • Establish diagonals and footings for decks/patios
  • Contour framing
  • Drainage