FP900-225 FOOTPRINT Pipe Wrench

FP900-225 FOOTPRINT Pipe Wrench
Stock Code: FP900-225


For over a century tradesmen around the world have been using the Footprint wrench as the tool that gets the job done and lasts a lifetime. It will move pretty much anything that feels immovable. An invaluable addition to any tool kit that will last a lifetime. The Footprint wrench consists of two core parts - one forged with a hook jaw at the end and the other of pressed steel with carefully profiled teeth that locks onto the forged hook. This pattern wrench is adjusting nut (thumb turn). Many tradesmen appreciate this wrench as it can be adjusted using only one hand making. The Footprint Wrench with a thumb turn knurled nut which provides easy adjustment with one hand. This style has a rounded end.
Size: 225mm